Poetry in Motion??


On The back of my previous attempts at a wee poem I thought I would have another go too see if the first one was a fluke??

As I am alone in the office and have no-one to bounce it off maybe some feedback would be helpful before I share it on Facebook and Linkedin??


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  • Woo! Love our shout out ;)

    • Jessie, wouldn't be any good without a ABN mention :-)

  • You're a poet that didn't know it Norman! :)

  • Rabbie Crighton!!!

    Weel done wie yer Devoted Ode tae a Tyre!! Always knew you were a bard...at least I think that is the word?

    Amazing work as always Norman wether its tyre prose or pressure!!

    • Thanks Mark, nae up to standards of Rabbie yet :-) Glad you like it :-)

  • Now I didn't think the first one was a fluke, just a moment of inspiration! But TWO?? You're good!

    • Thanks Andrew :-) this one took a little longer than the ABN inspired one.

  • Love it Norman...you definitely have hidden talents!

    Fingers crossed it will attract more customers as the service you provide is second to none!

    • Thanks Nicky :-) appreciate the feedback on the Poem and your kind comments about our service.

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