You guys liked the ABN Summer Sale back in June - so here's the Winter Sale!


On our main ABN services website, you'll find the following 3 very lovely money-saving deals from Tuesday-Friday only:


ABN Networking Event Credits - any 4 events for the price of 3 - £99+vat or £79+vat for ABN Gold Members


ABN Gold - £99 for 6 months or £79+vat for a 6-month extenstion for ABN Gold Members


ABN Contact Builder - £99 for 9 months membership or £79+vat for ABN Gold Members


And some important bits! Following feedback after the summer sale, multiple purchases of one or more services are just fine!; renewals/extensions for all three services can get the deals; all three deals beat the 2020 price increases (and the next sales won't be until June 2020!)


So go and fill your boots/wellies/stockings HERE! And any questions at all, just add them below or email info@next-business.co.uk


ps - and please add a quick comment below once you've grabbed a deal. It's all good visibility for you!




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  • Just managed to get in ahead of the Deadline on Friday - like the wife's Christmas present it was a bit last minute but definitely money well-spent!

  • Thank-you Debbie and Abi!

    And thank-you to everyone who grabbed a pre-Xmas bargain. Look forward to seeing you all in networking/Contact Builder/ABN Gold action soon!

  • Signed up for ABN gold - too good a deal not to. Looking forward to more networking in 2020.  Merry Christmas to you all 

  • Fantastic offer so we (i.e. Miscarriage Information Support Service) are now part of ABN Gold! 

  • Final, final call for the Winter sale offer! Get a bargain or two here - https://abnworks.co.uk/

    Aberdeen Business Network (ABN) | Providing a highly effective range of offline Business Networking solutions in Aberdeen.
  • Thank you Keith, Derek & Norman! 

  • Wee Christmas treat for Tyre Devotion :-) have taken advantage of the sale and Topped up my ABN networking event credits. Looking forward to all the ABN events for 2020 and look forward to seeing everyone in 2020. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas a happy New year. 

  • All signed up for ABN Gold. Looking forward to the networking opportunities.

  • All signed up for another 6 months of ABN Gold. Amazing value and networking opportunities. If you haven't already signed up I would recommend it.

  • Amazing value for money and as a true Aberdonian I've snapped up the Contact Builder and Networking Events!

    Both of these networking opportunities have helped build my business and put ne in touch with some awesome, inspiring people who are doing great things in Aberdeen City and Shire.

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Looking forward to what 2020 will bring. 

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