Hi Everyone, 


This my first time on the new sexy ABN site.  I know many of you here, but there are a lot of new faces since I was last on which is great to see.


Lockdown has given me the opportunity to use the extra time its created to do more online networking which I've really enjoyed.


In fact, lockdown has given us all the space and time to become more self aware.


For me, it’s a long list but here are a few....


♦️I get a lot of my energy from other people (missing the physical connection)

♦️I can still play the piano and read music

♦️I hate being in front of a screen for hours on end

♦️ I love hugs even more than I thought

♦️I'd prefer to travel less for work once things are back to normal


What have you learnt about yourself during this time???


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  • 1,4 (though I knew that I love them lots) &5 ✅

    Screen time is where we are currently, I can't control that, so don't waste energy on it  

    I have learned that I am able to schedule breaks and time between meetings to be effective and kind to myself.

    I have remembered that I could make music 🎶, so will plan a return to do doing.  

    I have remembered that it is ok to recognise what you are good at and do more of it. 

    I have remembered that I love the positivity of a BNI meeting (and wonder when we will be in a room together again). 

  • Hi Sarah, good question. I think the best thing I discovered is that sweet spot in my energy levels, when I feel I can still keep going vs when I need to rest. Beautiful spot to be at I must say. 

  • Hi Sarah, coming late to your party prompted by the ABN email. I have learned that when I want to get really annoyed with someone I can have a rant at the screen, then draw breath and consider that they might be in a real state because of the current situation and say something supportive instead. I have learned this largely through being in close proximity to someone who is in a state about it all!

    • I'm sure that most of us have shouted at a screen over the last few months.  I've almost launched my laptop out the window on a few occasions haha......although tech related rather than personal.  Emotions are certainly running high and it's amazing to watch people come together and support each other.

  • Hi Sarah, first time on this lovely new site for me too.. in fact first time back in the ABN community in a good while as I have been working abroad.

    What I have learned:

    - I do miss "real" people contact but I have discovered the benefits of zoom (hadn't even heard of it before lockdown but maybe I'm out of touch). It is especially weird though to be living back in my home town for the first time in 8 years and still have to video call a friend down the road.  Sometimes have to pinch myself to remind myself I am back!! 

    - as someone who has never been a 'germaphobe' I have to say I have learned to become much more aware of risks and a lot more careful which is maybe not a bad thing.

    - I've learned how much I took travel for granted.  I have been lucky enough to travel a lot over the years and while I have always enjoyed the adventure it never occured to me it might not be possible at some point.

    Other than that I am surprised by how normal this 'new norm' now feels... I know I am very lucky to have an income, to have a house with a garden, and to live in a lovely area of the world so I am not complaining. 

    .. and it is very nice to be back in the ABN community :-)


    • Gratitude is a biggy 😀🙏

      Welcome back Alice. 

    • Wow fantastic insight there and welcome back to Aberdeen Alice!!  I really hope that we all continue to remember what we have learned during these times as I think that the world will be a better place for it.  Let's grab a coffee sometime soon....either on Zoom or F2F if they let us out haha. Take care :)

      • Thanks!

        Agree with you.. I think there is a lot we can learn from this. :-)

  • Welcome back Sarah! Great post, I've learnt that I really do need to be kept busy! Luckily I've had lots of wee house and garden projects and I'm half way through the Google Digital Marketing course! Hope you are well :) 

    • Congratulations on getting so far through the course already Nicola! You'd mentioned it when we were on the phone.  I think most of us BD people like to keep busy and our brains to be challenged so I'm not surprised by what you said.  You are amazing at what you do and your obvious drive to always learn and grow will be a big part of that :)

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