• Nice one Myles - and I had a video meeting with Jay on Friday too! Great to hear all the different places and way Portakabins are used. They're helping with safe spaces and testing areas just now

  • Great virtual 1-1 with Jay Gallagher of Portakabin yesterday.  Having grown up with my dad regulalry using small portakabins as part of his road saftey egineering work, I hadn't realsied the huge and impressive buildings that could be built with them until yesterday's call - such as the Global Academy in Hayes pictured below.  Keep up the great work Jay and thank you for your efforts to support GEF!4447879853?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Thank-you Gordon, Siobhan and Mia! Mia, thanks for your email too and hope you got my reply. Look forward to seeing you at a Ten meeting soon, whether that's in person or by video!

  • Oooo!  It's like some secret society.  Are there any funny handshakes?

    • I don't think there is any handshaking at the moment!

      • Haha! Are we being innovative and doing some elbow and foot knockin' and fiddlin' then? .   .Hmm! reading that back it that's sounds a bit Benny Hill but hey ho whatever suits. 

  • I thoroughly enjoy Sten meetings every 2nd Thursday morning. Great group and great intel passed.  

  • Looking forward to attending my first J10 group as a member on Monday.  I'm very excited about the opportunity and looking forward to building relationships with the other members!

    • Thanks Gordon - and welcome on board! See you this afternoon

  • Thank-you very much for attending to our 6 Jten Group guests yesterday!

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