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Gathimba Edwards Foundation was set up to give kids in Kenya a chance.

With numerous projects across Kenya our aim is to help disadvantaged children get a start in life, whether it be support through shelter, clothing, education or sustainable food solutions and giving them the opportunity to not only live their lives as children but also to develop as adults. We also provide support to children in Scotland with severe disabilities via the Neil Jaffrey Initiative.


To provide as many Kenyan children as possible with the opportunity of a bright future.


Our mission is to:

  • Provide children in Kenya with an education by supporting school, college and university fees
  • Broaden the value of learning by hosting educational seminars
  • Give these children a safe place of shelter by building houses for them or improving existing homes
  • Care for them by supplying school uniforms, books and shoes
  • Bring them and their families closer to self-sustainability with help to grow their own food
  • Guide their families to start their own businesses through the award of financial and advisory assistance
  • Support children in Scotland with severe disabilities via the Neil Jaffrey Initiative


Compassion, involvement, transparency, empathy, good citizenship, empowerment, sustainability respect, inspiration, can-do attitude, enthusiasm, going the extra mile.


  • Bring hope to children of all ages through enabling them access to a place of education
  • Help the most disadvantaged children and families elevate themselves out of poverty
  • Create bright futures and potential leaders in a variety of fields
  • Build homes for those in desperate need
  • Encourage education, positive thinking and entrepreneurship
  • Make life easier for children with disabilities and their families through provision of specialist equipment

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I am interested in meeting and helping people who are not only passionate, hard working and ambitious about their own business but also want to make a difference to others in less fortunate circumstances.

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We support children both locally and abroad and always strive to show supporters directly where their money is going.

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“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” Nelson Mandela 

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Gathimba Edwards Foundation







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Donald Stewart


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  • Hi Myles

    It was lovely to meet you on Tuesday, although I'd heard all about you!!!'s a small world!!  I'm just about to text Dorothy now. 

  • You too Myles. I was pretty blown away by the Gathimba Edwards foundation - I'm thinking about my bracelet design and will be ordering in the next few days! How exciting :)

  • Happy Birthday Myles!

  • Wooo this is pretty exciting!! Such a newbie!

    Ha, Ian will be all kitted out this evening. I am hoping he just morphs it up!

  • Hi  Myles, do  keep  in  touch,  homemade  tablet   yummy by  the  way -  kids  and  their  grandad loved  it ! Hope  the  rest  of  your  fundraising  goes  well.

  • Done! Coffee and a chat in January if not before!

  • Hi Myles, sorry I didn't get to chat last night,,,I hate being late but at least I made an entrance!! :)

    Good luck with your trip away, I'd be interested in hearing about it sometime.

  • Hi Myles, great to meet you last night. Good luck with the training, it was really interesting hearing all about your quest!

  • Thanks Myles. 

  • Hi Myles,

    Thanks for the friend invite - I hope I can see you out running some time (once all my injuries have cleared up).  (Cosmic Club member)

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